Vietnam Investment Review
Joined November 2023
The newspaper "Vietnam Investment Review" (VIR) is published every Monday , is an economic publication in English , focusing on reflecting the activities of the business community in Vietnam , with priority given to reflecting the activities of businesses . foreign-invested enterprises , economic policies affect the operations of this business sector.

VIR's regular readers are 97% of enterprises with foreign direct investment as well as representative offices in Vietnam . In addition, VIR is also issued through a network of foreign corporations in more than 30 countries and territories around the world .

VIR is produced by a team of highly qualified economic reporters and writes directly in English . With the management and production process transferred from the Australian Associated Press group , VIR is currently considered the most professional English-language press publication currently in the Vietnamese market . From the first day of its establishment, VIR has been read by readers who are foreign investors in Vietnam and corporations based abroad interested in the Vietnamese market.
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